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Our Story

The feeling of being overwhelmed is not a particularly pleasant one. Trust us – we’ve been there.

Having a dream of starting and running a business is one that many of us hope to achieve. One day, we decide to take the leap and begin building on that goal. We follow all the tasks, work hard to get all our processes in place – everything looks perfect, yet somehow we can’t reach our customers. We can try and get their attention through so many channels of communication, yet no response. It can become incredibly overwhelming.

The Small Business Brand Builders was born out of the desire to help small businesses. We will create and run your marketing system while you focus on other important business tasks; enjoy the added benefit of brand building to create stronger and more loyal customers.

Branding can cut through the noise of other small businesses vying for attention. Great brands can provide some stiff competition for the larger entities. Most important, they can generate legions of loyal followers and convert sales as you could never imagine. We create the right brand that fits you, your potential customers and the marketplace

We build through our core values of trust, story, and clarity.

Feelings and emotions matter. People like to build trust with brands and love sticking around when they are emotionally attached. Converting your customers requires them to change their behavior, and that’s where a story comes in. A good story brings them to you.

We construct a bridge of trust with a targeted audience, laying down a path of curiosity to get customers moving towards your business. We tell a captivating story based on what you are trying to sell. We then fill the atmosphere with a refreshing clarity, helping your customers feel comfortable in your space. Our organization understands all the details involved in those values, and we can create around your glorious vision.

The power of branding is remarkable. It’s a feat often overlooked by individuals and organizations involved to assist dreamers on their venture. The Small Business Brand Builders harness that power to help you achieve your dreams. Set your goals, and we’ll provide the service to accomplish them. 

Nothing makes us happier than to see a small business vision come to life.


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